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Estes Illusion (2) (English Only) Skill BEG

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Now you see it… now you don’t! The Estes Illusion rocket moves quick off the pad. Watch as this bold beauty soars over 1000 feet and beyond! Designed to fly on a range of Estes A through C engines, the Illusion isn’t just built to fly fast… it LOOKS fast!

The Estes Illusion rocket's sleek design creates the illusion of motion even when still. Moreover, its stylish swept back fins, long bright red body, and distinctive jet-fighter style nosecone all contribute to its dynamic look.

Beginner-Level Kit for Quick Launch

Furthermore, designers engineered the Estes Illusion as a Beginner-Level rocket kit to get users on the pad and in the air quickly. Featuring a no-glue, snap-together construction design, even the novice will have no problem assembling this model rocket in record time. Above all, you don't need to paint or sand this rocket kit.

The molded plastic components are ready for use straight from the box. Moreover, the manufacturer pre-colored all parts in a vivid red, black, and grey color scheme. In addition, we have included custom graphics and self-stick decals for you to finish your Estes Illusion rocket. Once applied, you’re ready to fly!

Launch prep for the Estes Illusion couldn’t be easier. Simply insert a recommended Estes engine into the plastic threaded engine mount, then pack the recovery wadding and parachute. Now this amazing rocket is ready to take to the skies. Five… four… three… two… one… ignition… and it’s gone!

Finally, track the trail and watch for the ejection at apogee – the peak of flight. Additionally, after the parachute deploys, it slowly lowers the rocket back to Earth, making it ready for reloading and another adventurous flight. No tricks here – the Illusion is the model rocket for you!

Key Points:

  • Estes designed the Illusion rocket to fly fast and look fast with its sleek design
  • This beginner-level kit is easy to build with snap-together, no-glue construction
  • The rocket's molded plastic components come pre-colored in a vivid red, black, and grey color scheme
  • We include custom graphics and self-stick decals for easy customization
  • Launch preparation is simple, and the rocket can fly on Estes A through C engines