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Estes Destination Mars Mars Longship (English Only) Skill ADV

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The workhorse of the exploration fleet and a marvel of dynamic engineering, the Destination Mars™ Mars Longship™ planetary transport is the lifeline connecting old Earth to new Mars! Add it to your Destination Mars fleet today!

Initially launched in 2052 to aid the developing Mars outpost, the Mars Longship™ transports vital supplies and eager explorers between Earth and Mars orbit every 18 months. However, to those on Mars, it is more than just a cargo ship. In addition, it serves as a significant link to the home planet and a comforting reminder of their roots.

Destination Mars Longship Rocket

The Mars Longship™ model rocket brings space exploration and excitement to Estes rocketry. 

Here's some information about the model rocket:

  • Design. Designers created the model rocket to resemble the real spacecraft, with accurate proportions and intricate details.
  • Size. The model rocket is over 27 inches tall and powered by D and E engines. Thus, making it a sizeable and impressive rocket to launch.
  • Skill Level. The model rocket is recommended for intermediate skill levels.  So, some experience with Estes rocketry is necessary to build and launch the rocket successfully.
  • Components. The model rocket kit includes laser-cut balsa fins, a molded plastic nose cone, a payload section, and a parachute recovery system.
  • Launch. The Destination Mars™ Mars Longship™ model rocket can fly on Estes rocket engines. Moreover, it reaches impressive heights of up to 800 feet.
  • Educational. Additionally, building and launching the model rocket can be a training experience that teaches about rocket science, engineering, and space exploration.

Overall, the Destination Mars Longship Rocket model rocket is a fantastic way to bring the wonder and excitement of space investigation to the world of Estes rocketry. It's a sizeable and impressive rocket that can reach impressive heights. Besides,it offers an educational experience for those interested in rocket science and engineering.

Add it to your collection today and launch your very own Mars Longship™ into the sky!